Operating Instructions
IMC Models 11K, 12K, and 14K
  • Turn Power Switch to On Position with the probe attached and allow 5 minutes to warm up and clear residuals.
  • Place Silent Switch in the Silent (Down, Silent) position.
  • Adjust Sensitivity (CW) to maximum.
  • Adjust Zero and Alarm (CCW) to minimum. Place Range Switch in the maximum sensitivity (Center) position.
  • Test battery voltage by placing Battery Test in Battery Test (Up) position. The meter should register in the upper 80% of the range. (If the battery charge does not indicate sufficient charge, connect the unit to either the External 120 VAC or 12 Volt Cigarette Charging Units.
  • Increase (CW) Zero position until there is a slight but noticeable meter deflection.
  • Place Silent Switch in audible (Up) position.
  • Increase Alarm (CW) limit until the unit alarms; then decrease the Alarm limit slightly (CCW) until alarm stops.
  • If the unit alarms while conducting a survey, use extreme care. You are attempting to prevent a fire or explosion by locating the point from which the danger emanates.
  • Move Methane sensor probe about seeking maximum deflection of the meter. Maximum deflection will be at the point closest to the leak source. Decrease Range and Sensitivity as you move toward the leak source to keep meter deflection within the meter's range.
  • Follow company procedures when a leak is located. Move out of the leak area when contacting help.
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