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Portable Methane Leak Location Instruments
14 K Base Unit
11 K Vacuum Unit

The Model 14K field instrument is a very sensitive methane gas
detector optimized to identify and locate leaks in a natural gas pipeline.
With the addition of the Model 11K Vacuum Unit, the leak survey can
be completed from a vehicle.The sturdy metal case will stand up to the
rugged conditions sometimes encountered on a pipline right of way.
Features Include:
  • High Sensitivity - An alarm event will be triggered when methane gas concentration exceeds 5 Parts per Million
  • Precision Leak Location - Extendable probe and continuously adjustable sensitivity allow for pinpoint leak location
  • Sturdy Construction - Some instruments have been in continuous use for over 20 years
  • Cost Effectiveness - One user finds that a unit pays for itself in four months in lost gas revenue
  • Vehicle Survey Option - With the vacuum option, a leak survey can be completed while driving the pipeline right of way
  • Storm Instrument Case - Water and airtight case protects the instrument while traveling
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